Best Accessories For Your Canon 60D Or 70D

The average cost of these models of digital cameras these days range between $400 to $500, while the price of a regular video camera starts at $300. Given the kind of economy that we have today, $300-400 is not very easy to let go. So if you are planning to buy one of these digital cameras, you need to take it as a serious form of investment. An investment that you should protect. So please read about Canon 60D vs 70D and how to care for them on the Which Camera Should I Buy blog. This is an excellent resource for your research before you put your money on the line. But lets carry on now with some other useful information…

A simple way to keep your digital cameras and video cameras safe is to buy the right accessories for each. When you have the right add-ons for your gadgets, you will have a better shot at keeping it in great working condition despite sudden weather changes or unforeseen events.

Below is a list of some protective accessories that you should consider buying for your digital camera or video camera.

LCD Screen Protector

Some people believe that digital cameras and video cameras need no further protection because the material used to build cameras these days are strong and weather resistant. They are terribly wrong.

While most cameras today are sturdy and robust, all cameras share one weak spot and that is the LCD screen. The LCD screen of a camera is highly vulnerable, especially to dust accumulation and moisture. So if you want to keep your cameras free of scratches and damage through and through, buy an LCD screen protector.

Camera Rain Sleeve

Although digital cameras and video cameras are primarily meant to be used outdoors, they do not have the complete weather protection they need. Not all cameras are one hundred percent weather proof, especially if you are talking about consumer cameras that cost below $500. There may be cameras that can withstand direct rain and the harsh sun, but they cost way more.

The best you can do to make your regular digital camera survive a sudden downpour is to buy a camera sleeve. It is a common weather proofing accessory for cameras, and is sold in almost all camera stores both online and offline.

Camera sleeves are made of plastic, so they can keep your cameras protected against moisture. These sleeves are also specifically designed for cameras during particular weather conditions, so there is no need to worry about fitting and quality.

Other Accessories

Aside from protecting the LCD of your camera and gearing for heavy rain, you should also consider buying other camera accessories such as a well padded camera bag that is also weather proof, a sturdy camera sling or strap, and a few bags of silica gels to be placed in your camera luggage.

A couple of micro-fiber cloths can also come in handy, as well as individual cases for your lenses, hoods, and filters.

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