Different Kinds Of Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are the latest trend in the electronic world today. Even mobile phones have now added still and video cameras. Digital cameras have different types.

There is a compact style digital camera which is very handy and portable. Due to its compact style, it is very skinny and cute to behold. This type of camera is designed for casual photo shots. They also call this camera “point and shoot camera” because we can easily focus the target image.

The smallest model of compact digital camera is about twenty millimeter thick. They call this model “ultra compacts” or “sum compacts” due to its superb smallest design. We can already compare its size to a credit card. Because of its compactness, simplicity, and easy to use design, some important features of a quality imaging had been sacrificed.

Usually this tiny digital camera does not use memory cards to store images. It uses lossy compression or JPEG. Part of its design is the built-in flash, and it has very low power which is just sufficient to take closer image target. Although it has limited flashing power, a compact digital camera has a wide range of zoom lenses and capabilities. This type of camera is also durable due to its rugged purpose and water proof design. At the start of 20114 a compact digital camera can take still photos at three dimensional geographic data. This camera has additional important features such as GPS, barometer, altimeter, and compass.

Another type of digital camera that is widely used today is the bridge camera. The bridge digital camera resembles the digital single-lens reflex camera. They have common advanced features. This bridge camera is designed to bridge the gap between the compact digital camera which is very affordable and the digital single-lens reflex camera which is more expensive. Bridge camera has a unique combination of a larger size with a smaller sensor. It has a large aperture, large zoom, and highly magnified lenses, but it has a limitation with its ability to change the lenses.

We should not be confused with its similarity to the digital single-reflex digital camera (click here for more details about this type). They may look the same, but they have different features and quality of functions. Bridge camera has no reflex system of viewing that Digital SLR camera has. As mentioned above, it has limited capabilities of changing its lenses because the lenses are fixed. Although it has limitations, it also has some advantages compared to compact and single reflex digital cameras. Bridge camera has best quality performance at daytime. Therefore, bridge is suitable for outdoor or daylight photo shoot activities.

Some of the best bridge cameras are Canon 60D and 70D. These are recommended by the leading digital camera shopping guide Which Camera Should I Buy. The Canon 6D vs 7D comparison that they have published is a great resource for any camera shopper. For more information, Canon website is found here.

Another great type of digital camera is a camera with a mirror-less interchangeable-lens. This type of camera has emerged during the year 2008. It has combined lenses which are interchangeable and a larger sensor.