The Advantages of Digital Cameras over Film Cameras

Nowadays, many consumers prefer digital cameras over the old film cameras for a lot of reasons. Not only because they are handy but convenient to use as well. They come with varying features for their different markets – young and old, non-pro and pro, men and women – there is definitely one that fits every personality and preference. Digicams are user-friendly and allow photo editing and deleting without wasting any single film or roll. You can’t go wrong with film cameras since there are films and photos that may just be put to waste and photos taken are limited to just several shots.

Some digital cameras come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries so you don’t have to replace batteries every now and then while film cameras still use the same old AA batteries. Digicams also have slots for media storage that can store up to thousands of still photos. And who doesn’t love the LCD screen of digital camera.

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